Non sedating antihistamine tablet

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I don't like needles at the best of times, have never had an IV drip before, and didn't particularly like having the device embedded in me all the time. I was given methylprednisolone 1g for each of the first three days before Campath (or Lemtrada) treatment.I experienced few side effects from the steroids, which surprised me as I'd never had them before.The other prophylactic was the consumption of large quantities of water.I drank about 3 litres of water during the infusion each day.The sole, and rather minor, downside to this was that my treatment was administered on an NHS ward rather than in a swanky new clinical trial centre.MS can be a devastating disease that takes many years to show its true self.

Whilst I recovered my ability to walk after each relapse, my stamina dwindled considerably.I did suffer the unpleasant metallic taste, a feeling of restlessness (tired but with a mind that couldn't rest) and a light-headedness, which affected my balance.Before the Campath (or Lemtrada) infusion started, I was given two doses of antihistamine (Piriton and Zirtek) and some paracetamol.Fortunately by February 2002 I had recovered fully from that relapse and naively thought things would be okay for a while. During 2002 I had at least four relapses, possibly five, and my diagnosis became one of clinically definite MS.I lost track over the year as to what was relapse and what remission.

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