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A few of these side effects mentioned above have mellowed out and that is why I thought it would get better, however I still have the painful boils, hyperactivity (feel like I am on speed), abdominal pain, constipation and loose stools, migraines, insomnia, dry mouth, chest palpitations, hostility, shakiness, internal restlessness and Jitteriness. Thats when my appetie goes berserk and so I then eat my my evening meal. Oh, I did get hungar pangs on seroquel, but it effected me less than remeron does.

Ativan also can help, so if you're able to talk to your doc and/or psychiatrist, ask if they would be possible drugs to help. In addition; I am supposed to be taking klonopin at .5mg 2x’s a day but I am fine during the day, it is at night I go through the sleepless hell that I just wish would go away.

her knowledge is more than I have, in as such I only often, know what I've been on, whats tried on me, all be that, a lot of medications over the years. Depression is the engine that drives anxiety so this may work in the long run but short term is a mystey... hi again ~ sounds like you have stopped the Zoloft which given it sounded like it only gave you negatives, is a good idea.

You might friend her, and she'll in turn friend you. I was on celecxa for 2 years and then did Paxil gain 40 lbs and. my anxiety is so bad it makes me feel very ill at times... It also sounds from your post that you are going to see your psychiatrist so i think it would be great to get some ideas from him/her - to be as open about your fears and feelings re the meds as you are on this forum and that way you may get questions answered.

it is wonderful to know I now can and it reassures me that I am going through all phases of my sleep cycle and when I do wake up, I can easily fall back to sleep which I never could do on Zoloft. I don’t have any withdraws from stopping Zoloft which is wonderful because I was extremely worried I would. However, I am now worried that Zoloft “the drug from hell” has permanently messed me up for good when it comes to my sleep since I still wake up throughout the night (not nearly as much as I did on Zoloft) but I don’t get my 8-10hrs uninterrupted sleep either.

I wonder if I will ever be myself again when it comes to my sleep of 8-10 hrs per night uninterrupted, I guess I will have to wait and see.

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