Most intimidating clan names

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Accepting a leadership position is a choice, and more importantly a privilege, with the understanding that you may be asked to step down at any time.If you cannot handle the responsibility of the job, rank, or title, please don’t accept the position.10.) All XGN members must represent XGN in a positive and respectful manner regardless of whether they are playing games, using the Xbox Party Chat/Personal Chat system, or in any other online/offline environment.This includes (but is not limited to), discrimination based on race, age, sexual orientation, religious affiliation, or any other personal interest, or investment.All members are entitled to a professional level of fairness. This is strictly enforced.3.) Never leave a fellow XGN member behind.If you should go over, you will be given a verbal warning.NOTE: Punishments are subject to change at the Forum Administration’s discretion.Officers may request more participation, but members are not “required” to do more than their rank calls for. Unless issues arise to where you are unable to log in or any other difficulties with the account occur. If not, your secondary account will be removed.• Please do not, at any time for any reason post content that may be: Abusive, Obscene, Vulgar, Slanderous, Hateful, Threatening, Sexually-Oriented, or just overall Disrespectful. After the following course of action, you will be banned from the forums indefinitely.• Please do not spam the Forums unless in the designated “Spam Area”.Spamming is the act of posting several times in a row without having anybody post after you and/or posting the same topic over and over again.• Respect and growth is essential in our Community.

NOTE: offerings and/or promises for membership participation is considered (Profit to stay) and is also strictly prohibited.Additionally, recruits may not be recruited into XGN within 30 days of previous membership of any gamer community, or clan including XGN.5.) XGN members take pride in their membership, and are encouraged, (but not required) to change their gamertag/name to reflect XGN.It is ONLY a requirement to place XGN in your gamertag in order rank up past Master Sergeant, and it must always be in caps.Whether they are competitive or casual, Xiled Gaming Network is a place for gamers to call home, while allowing members to express their individual talents and passions for video games.2.) Members must respect other gamers, this includes members and nonmembers.XGN does not condone violations of the (Co C) of any kind.

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