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Some WLAN adapter may require a firmware update to support WPA and WPA2.

If you have an old wireless card that the only option available is WEP, and has no updated driver for it, then WPA/WPA2 won’t work simply because the WLAN adapter does not support it.

In this case, fallback to WEP encryption, or get a new wireless adapter.

If Windows XP supports WPA and WPA2, you will see its options appear in the drop-down list, in addition to usual WEP.

After installing the WPA and/or WPA2 support into Windows XP and restarting the computer, if the system has a client wireless card with WPA/WPA2-capable firmware and WPA/WPA2 drivers, Wireless Zero Configuration (WZC) displays a WPA2 designation when user view the available wireless networks.

For example, Security-enabled wireless network (WPA) and Security-enabled wireless network (WPA2), instead of just plain “Security-enabled wireless network”.

If you are not able to select ' WPA2' or ' WPA' please go back to the previous web page and select the second set of Windows XP Wireless instructions.

Click on the ' Authentication' tab, and you will get a page similar to the following: As shown above, set the line ' EAP type' to ' Protected EAP (PEAP)'.

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