Mega dating

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During one of his many attempts to defeat Metro Man, Megamind kidnaps news reporter Roxanne Ritchi and uses her as bait to lure Metro Man into the city observatory where Megamind intends to kill him with a death ray.

When Metro Man is then seemingly killed by the death-ray, Megamind is initially thrilled that he has defeated his archenemy, and he proceeds to live the criminal dream life, taking over town hall and plundering the city.

At some point in his childhood he was allowed to go to a normal school, were he became a neglected outcast due to his destructive intellect, with his piranha-like sidekick Minion as his only friend.

Realizing that he is only gifted in causing trouble, and jealous of all of the attention and praise young Metro Man received, Megamind became a supervillain to rival Metro Man, though he was thwarted on a regular basis.

Megamind (his birth name remains unknown) was born to an unnamed couple in his home planet.

Moreover, various tools are in place to combat spam and to quickly identify and exclude non-genuine profiles.The infant Metro Man blew a raspberry at Megamind after the latter got out of an asteroid belt his pod got trapped in.With that, Megamind and Metro Man's "glorious rivalry" was born.Roxanne inadvertently inspires him to create a new superhero to fight, which he does using a serum of Metro Man's DNA.Hoping to uncover any evil plans Megamind has for the city, Roxanne breaks into Megamind's lair and fights with him over a syringe gun containing the serum, which is accidentally fired and injected into Roxanne's cameraman Hal Stewart Megamind manipulates Hal into becoming a superhero named Titan under the guise of being his "space dad", but at the same time falls in love with Roxanne and begins dating her while disguised as Bernard, even sharing some of his own past (although still disguised) with her.

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