Looking forward to romance hope for dating

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She is tired of being in love, she just wants to date!

She seeks the help of Cha Ki Dae (Daniel Choi), a relationship expert.For the people who like being fast and clear, dating skill specialists are emerged. However, there is a girl who is the last romantist in this generation.She has been hurt so many times because she fell in love. Maybe you found it boring because it showed reality? Too intense x__x and the ending where Siwon suddenly popped up... Daniel and Bo A were prefect for each other i want more of this story!! I agree this is boring compared to other kbs short drama. Not to mention, majority of the scenes are all about the two main cast texting each other. I thoroughly enjoyed watching this movie series, it made one think of the many obstacle that one goes through to get the thing called happiness or love (HA! Thank you to all those who made this movie series a wonderful piece of art to watch. I freaking hooked..it to come one wednesday and thursday and compete with two weeks and master sun it never had a chance to grow.

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