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The only alternative highway to the turnpike between Joplin and Tulsa runs through the center of town.

Other notable examples are Fukushima and Pripyat/Chernobyl. MJ told us she wasn’t aware of the risk of collapse until after she visited and shot these photos. In the forties and fifties when Picher was booming, it was a different time and people did not guard their treasures the way we do today. To the left of the church, through the trees, a huge chat pile.

And the taller concrete things, I’ve been led to believe, were smelters for the lead.”“These are all from the town of Picher, I believe all from along the highway that runs through there.

For such a deserted town, there’s a LOT of traffic through Picher.

In Denver’s Jefferson County school district, they train law enforcement, teach new safety measures to teachers and conduct lockdown drills at a local elementary school.

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