Lil bow wow dating history

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First up: Bow Wow and Ciara reportedly had a 3-year romance, from 2003-2006, when both were starting out in the industry. Wow dated for a few months before going their separate ways. We do know, however, that he's probably not with a model named Joie, who apparently fathered his first child, Shai. Even made me treat my mother better, its like it made me into a man over night. Reason is because i want my boo boo to have everything i didnt.

She starred in his "Like You" music video during their early relationship. Bow Wow wrote an open letter to his fans a while back, addressing drama with the baby's mom, but telling the world fatherhood has been amazing so far. Want her to be able to cheerlead with her lil friends with out some asshole sticking his camera all in my lil girl face. I missed out on so much that i now know how important it is to cherish and have those things in your life.

Read Full Story Bow Wow's been through some tough times lately, but it sounds like he's going to be okay.

But upon further investigation, it turned out "Bow Wow" was actually a female rapper from Atlanta named Dee Pimpin.

Name: Angry lil' elf Gender: Male Occupation: dish-pig (I could say kitchen-hand or kitchen assistant but that would be pushing it.) Frustrated writer.

Things I like: the Victoria's Secret Angels (I'm a man who likes beautiful women, what can I say? Favourite ships/pairings: Harry/Fleur (some are just smut, but there are some well written gems like Quatermass's In Spite of Obstinate Men and In Spite of Appearances stories plus some others like Endless7's Letters fic), Harry/Daphne (I haven't read too many, but some of the ones I've read are pretty good and written well), Batman/Wonder Woman (It's the ship that got me into fanfiction in the first place), Batman/Zatanna Zatara (some are pretty good and done well), Superman/Lois Lane (Didn't care much for the SMWW shite that DC tried to force down our throats with the New 52 even if they had their reasons as to why they made the pairing, what little reasons there were anyway), Naruto/Hinata (Didn't care much for Naruto ardently pursuing Sakura for so long and I was happy that Hinata found the confidence/courage to make the first move), Saeko Busujima/OC (not too many stories of this pairing that are done well, but the ones that are done well are pretty good to read), Dragonborn/Aela (A sexy redheaded lycanthropic warrior woman?

The latest news is that Bow Wow may be starring in a sit-com being produced by Ice Cube.

While the show is still in the early stages, Bow Wow said that if it gets on the air, he wants frequent collaborator Jermaine Dupri to work on the music for the show. Read Full Story Bow Wow showed his love for Justin Bieber outside the Nokia Theatre at the MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday.

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