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She will have exquisitely made classics in her wardrobe, but she will have fun fashion as well.On her, it will look as if it came off a Paris catwalk.A territorial lover, Leo women can tend towards the possessive, so beware the catty claws.The Leo woman, when in a relationship, is very faithful to her partner.Everything that books and movies depict love to be, you have the highest chances of finding, with a Leo woman.This means a roller coaster ride of extreme highs and profound lows.Being a child of the sun, she loves a tan, but she knows there are safer ways than sunbaking.Surprisingly, she may not be very open to cosmetic surgery as she ages. Whether a homebody or a career woman, she wants to be the best.

She won’t let any bargain basement creams or cosmetics touch her face.

Accessories are the Leo woman’s way of standing out from the crowd. Nothing works wonders for the Leo woman’s self-confidence than a trip to the hairdresser.

Look out for an unusual pair of shoes, embellished with sequins and feathers, and a statement necklace made of shimmering stones.

Chances are they will be worn, with aplomb, by a Leo woman. When she enters a room, all eyes turn to her, when she speaks, people lean forward to listen – when she dresses she aims to make an unforgettable impression, and she does, every time.

Leo is the sign of the sun, and the Leo woman is all warmth and fire, passion and courage. She knows what suits her, and she will remain loyal to the label that gives her what she wants. Her fashion sense can be timeless, or it can be ephemeral.

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