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Media Take confirmed that Deelishis is dating Laz Alonso.Laz hooked up with Dee on social media – and they’ve been dating now for a few weeks."She’s a single mom, so when my father died, I kind of took on the role of man of the house. I always send her a card, some flowers and remind her that she’s loved, and she appreciates it. Source: WENN For the most part, actor Laz Alonso is a mystery.We see the tall, brown, and handsome Afro Latino bringing all sorts of charm on the big and small screen, but when it comes to his personal life and — more importantly to us — his dating life, we don’t know much. Our sister site Lossip recently had the chance to chat with the 39-year-old about his work with Proctor & Gamble’s “Try It & Love It campaign” and they gleaned some interesting insight into the handsome Cuban’s childhood and how that has affected his romantic relationships as an adult.

Instead he awoke in Midlandia, a place of the impossible.That’s the only thing that I’m sometimes over with but outside of that, if I go on a date with a person, usually I’ve already talked to them enough or we’ve had enough interactions where we know it’s going to be a decent date.” Where do you get your charisma from or were you born with it?“Thank you very much first of all – I appreciate it.Until I got to become a teenager and work as well, I was the one who would keep things in order at home. And it’s not that I put them in a category called ‘Celebs,’ it’s just that to me it’s all about the genuine connection; it doesn’t matter who you are or what you do, if I like you and I meet you and you like me and we click, that’s it. If I see someone on the screen – that alone doesn’t do anything for me.” What is one thing that would set you off during a date?She would get home, drop her keys and purse and go to sleep, so I had to organize everything so that when she got up, she would find it all again. “I think if it’s someone who thinks they know me just because they know my outward perception, then that to me I feel like, ‘Why am I wasting my time here, trying to get to know you, while you think you already know me without giving me the same courtesy.’ A lot of people think that they know you because they see you as an actor and they create all these assumptions about what an actor’s life is like.

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