K9 farm sex dating

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However at the time, I thought the girl disappearing into the barn with the dog was rather strange, but I didn’t make anything of i more than that.

However it was a few days after this that I actually witnessed k9 sex in person for the first time.

After being pushed along by several of the girls and couples. Sure enough the girl stood up and started walking back towards our living area, with the dog following right behind her. We all had our own areas separated only by sheets hung on a line.

Crude conditions, but to us it was all perfectly acceptable.

However I kept seeing glimpses of one girl or another either disappearing or emerging from the barn with lassie right behind. She was actually struggling just to get them past her panties.

Besides the barn, there was the main house owned by our “guru” couple as it were.

Its also where we all crowed into if the weather turned nasty or anything. We’d use old milk bottles and/or soda bottles, fill them with water to take back to our shelter.

She just got down on all fours and let the dog have her, without even trying to fully remove her jeans. So With Jessica’s help, I then earned all about having sex with a dog. I was still too caught up in my lesbian realationship with Jessica.

I then walked around and watched him royally screw this girl. So much so, that I actually thought I was in fact, a lesbian.

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