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Zucker: Well, actually, Sedona, who plays my daughter in the movie, her character is really based on that.Even though she's a little more gothy, we have this sort of B-storyline about fixing our relationship as mother and daughter, because my character is becoming a captain and has to do this flight training, so she's gone and really relies on her daughter to be a good kid.

It was just like having a conversation with my little sister.The dark drama -- scheduled for Saturday, December 30 -- centers around 18-year-old high school senior Alex Hilers (Sedona Legge, The Shallows), who learns her cousin Carolyn (Lorynn York, Dear White People) is getting into online sex camming (an Internet term for women who are featured on webcams and earn money by broadcasting, entertaining, and performing on webcams either from homes or studios).Alex is shocked -- particularly when Carolyn tries to talk her into doing it, too.So her daughter does all the right things to try and help her cousin, but it's actually kind of nice because she really is a good kid, and it's my niece who really kind of has the unfortunate situation of happenings that go on throughout the movie.But it's nice to see that solid kid going, "These aren't good choices." So that was awesome.

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