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Haley also becomes friends with Peyton, who she initially disliked, and counsels Peyton as she and Lucas find themselves caught up in a love triangle with Brooke Davis.Although Nathan's mother, Deb is fond of Haley, she faces hostility from his father, Dan.One morning, Haley comes over and Nathan notices that she has gotten a tattoo of his jersey number, 23, on her lower back and this leaves Nathan wondering why Haley still won't sleep with him.Haley has always vowed not to lose her virginity until she is married and Nathan comes to respect that, while he and Haley acknowledge that their relationship has taken on a new dimension—they have fallen in love.Haley and Nathan have two children together, James "Jamie" Lucas Scott and Lydia Bob Scott.Haley Bob James was raised by James "Jimmy" and Lydia James (née Brigard) in a very large family; the youngest of seven children, Haley's siblings are: Vivian, Taylor, Quinn, and three older brothers.

Through Lucas and Nathan, she also becomes close friends with Tree Hill High cheerleaders, Peyton Sawyer and Brooke Davis.Haley James Scott (née Haley Bob James) is a fictional character from the CW television series One Tree Hill, portrayed by Bethany Joy Lenz.Haley is initially introduced as Lucas Scott's best friend and eventual sister-in-law, upon her marriage to Nathan Scott, in their junior year of high school.Eventually, she gives birth to their daughter Lydia Bob Scott.In later years, she is asked by Lucas to be the minister at his wedding to Peyton Sawyer.

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