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They were only in the dining room and Mother's sleeping room--they did not go up stairs--and did not plunder here like they did in some places. They eat up Mother's pound cake with gusto & all her preserves--taking the jars with them and breaking them when emptied--all the Jellies in the safe &c. They drunk up all the milk they could find--all on the place. These reports must be confirmed before I have any confidence in them.

The negroes were shucking corn when they came up and the Yankee advent was so unexpected that they could not get out of the way. They asked them to come and go with them, but no one seemed disposed to accede to their invitation. Our negroes recognized Siddall's John and Dobbin's Harry. The mules were the great object and they were vexed when they found Page 15 them not here.

The enemy has lost over a hundred pieces of artillery and we have 52000 men in our hands as prisoners. Bragg in an address to his soldiers tells them they have fought nobly but the victory is only half won. Those people of God have passed through horrible persecutions by the papists. He called back [page torn] Falkner was in camp and made a speech this morning. Dave Crockett was over this evening to see if he could not buy Page 6 "Kit" mule Pa was not here and I gave him no encouragement. A party went up to the Yankees, (Vicksburg deserters) a few days ago and captured 9 Yankees and some horses. Wile crept up through the bushes to where he could get a glimpse of the road and came back and reported that Page 13 a lot of cavalry was passing along the road and he believed they were Yankees for they were too well dressed for our men. He thinks he is some better but is still very weak.

We have lost five Generals, two killed and three wounded. He states that our loss is 10,000 of which 6/7 are wounded. It is rumored that the Yankees are fortifying at Chattanooga. It is supposed from this fact that the Yankees have crossed the Tennessee. The Yankees say they intend to be at Ellistown and Guntown on the day of the election and help vote. I do not remember to have seen a single cloud this day. Abner Branyan came over after dinner to get Pa to see her child's throat. He says one man have on blue pants and several blue coats. We (Worthy, Wile & myself) then cautiously came up to the thicket in the back part of the field below the lane, where we could see the lane, and the lane was full of cavalry men.

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Leave there near ten o'clock and reached home at 3 o'clock. The camp is close to it and they use [water] out of it. They have nothing definite in reference to the late [battle.] Bragg has issued an address to the troops in which he states that [they] have driven the enemy back 20 miles and have gained a decisive victory. They have no news and the reports they hear from Bragg do not vary greatly from Dr. Everyone seems to be in the fog in reference to the details of the battle. Beechum of Itawamba told me that Gen Wood was severely wounded though he was not dead. A Virginia regiment failed to take some battery of the enemy which it was important should be carried. At Hollands the rumbling of their and the orders of the officers "fall in to the right" were distinctly heard. On Yesterday Thomas Augustus and Margaret Henrietta Hawthorne were baptized. The appearance of the clouds indicate the approach of rain.

We hear that Rosecrans has made two efforts Page 8 to get out but was unsuccessful each time. Helm, [Gen.] Wofford and another whose name I do not remember. Did not from this paper get a very satisfactory account of the battle: the accounts being too meager. We could not think they were Ham's men for we had seen them. It is also reported that Richardson has made an attack on the M & C R R near the Wolf River Crossing.

Bragg is in no hurry: perhaps having cut off their supplies, he hopes to starve them out. Wrote a rough draft of an obituary for my aged and pious friend, John Caldwell, who died last Saturday. Page 9 It is unusual for me not to hear some rumors and reports every day but today I have none. However we dispatched Erskine to the house on foot to ascertain facts. He has a wounded soldier of Bragg's army (Robinson, of Gibson Co, Tenn.) stopping with him a few days. It is reported that we have captured La Grange and Grand Junction, and from the fact that our cavalry in still above, not having fallen back, the most regard the rumor as probably true.

All quotation marks, em dashes and ampersand have been transcribed as entity references. The coffin was at the grave and his mourning friends took a last look at his face. Young [preached] the action sermon from John 21: 17 [page torn] Daniel fenced the tables and served--[page torn] the 1st and Mr. A good many of our members [were] detained from church by sickness [page torn] day. Agnew was severely wounded by a shell Sabbath morning and fell. He was struck on the hip above the joint, his wound is not dangerous. Ham's men are badly scattered at the different precincts and will not be able to do much. I give some credit to the tearing up of the Charleston R Road, for I know that preparations were made to this end. This morning was rainy but by noon it cleared up and this evening was bright and sunshiny. Bowlen from near Chesterville, passed just before noon. Bowlen says this was telegraphed to Okolona Saturday and Sabbath.

All double right and left quotation marks are encoded as " and " respectively. He was a good man, one of the [page torn] of Hopewell. Mason in reference to one of his pious dead friends. Moses Young must have been [page torn] as also did Mr. made an appointment at [page torn] o'clock and preached sessional meeting was [page torn] session though--bring the exercises to a close. A good many are at Baldwyn but I expect the Yankees will scatter them from there. He has colic I suppose and seems to suffer a great deal. Rode home soon after breakfast wearing William's overcoat to protect me from the rain. This rumor coming as it has done for the last six days every day must have some foundation.

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