Iphone speed dating commercial

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It could just switch back to just using Qualcomm's modem.Or perhaps it will employ the X16 in markets like the US where Gigabit LTE is on its way, with Intel going elsewhere.Apple designs its own processor and uses modems from Qualcomm and Intel.But Intel's latest commercial-ready modem won't hit Gigabit LTE speeds, which could force Apple to slow down the Qualcomm version to ensure all i Phones are on the same footing.

Intel's latest chip, the XMM 7480, has a top speed of 600 megabits per second.

While Apple declined to comment on Qualcomm's filing, it pointed to its own lawsuit in January, in which it accuses Qualcomm of unfairly charging for royalties based on technology that it didn't help create.

Still, the charges are in line with the results that researchers at Twin Prime and Cellular Insights found, according to Bloomberg.

Qualcomm expects up to 10 Android phones this year to follow suit.

"This is not an area where Apple should want to cede competitive ground to Google and Samsung," said Avi Greengart, an analyst at research firm Global Data.

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