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Having said that, I still recommend having a knife.When everything else stops working, that knife might just take out your last adversary.To me, the advantage of being able to attack my enemies silently, without them knowing where the shots are coming from, surpasses the superior firepower of the rifle.Of course, I would take a sawed-off shotgun and a pistol with me for close work.Learn your limits, as it takes a lot of skills and practice to use them for your defense.Bows were the most common distance weapon in use throughout the world for centuries.

Obama and others have vowed to take our guns away, supposedly making the world a safer place.Most bow hunters will only use a bow to kill game at up to 40 yards, although the bow itself will easily kill out to double that distance.That makes it possible to use a bow for most outdoor home defense scenarios, although it isn’t anywhere near as effective for use as an indoor weapon.On top of all this, they have the advantage of being a silent weapon: other than the “twang” of the bowstring, there’s nothing to hear.I personally like bows and if I were to find myself in a situation where I felt it was necessary to leave my home and go hunting for adversaries, I would probably pick a bow over a rifle.

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