International dating format

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The term "violence" refers to maltreatment of a partner, including physical assault, injury as a result of assault by a partner, psychological aggression, and sexual coercion.The questionnaires, although completed by one person, include data on the behavior of both partners as reported by the student who completed questionnaire.In addition, they were asked whether or not they attended religious services.Respondents were also queried about conflict with, and anger toward, their partners.Therefore, when the analysis involves students in a relationship, the sample N is 14,252. Personal and Relationships Profile (Straus, Hamby, Boney-Mc Coy, S., and Sugarman, 2010).Researchers at 68 universities in 32 nations collaborated to obtain the data. 2011-08-19 2011-08-19 2011-08-19 ICPSR data undergo a confidentiality review and are altered when necessary to limit the risk of disclosure.

The second major instrument in the study, the Personal and Relationships Profile (PRP), examined interpersonal interaction with the partner of the respondent.It includes data on both perpetration and being a victim of violence.The data were obtained using questionnaires completed by university students in all major world regions.Respondents were asked about their life satisfaction and emotional state, including whether they have had mood swings, as well as feelings of emptiness and/or depression.Suicidal thoughts or statements were also included in the questions.

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