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I said to her that I did know the answer but why she was asking me.

Fabiola told me what happened at the shop and how horny and wet it made her.

She noticed her standing at the parking lot, with a group of young horny guys touching and feeling her up from all around. My wife got a bit confused, and then went to the shop’s small café to drink something cold and calm nerves.

When she was about to finish her juice, that girl approached the table and seated next to Fabiola. Being a bit scared and confused, Fabiola asked her what the reason for such behavior was.

Her eyes were closed and her soft hand was moving furiously. She just kept rubbing her wet pussy with more and more intense and paid no attention at me.

She drove my cock into her waiting hole as deep as possible!The young girl replied: “That is the main idea.” Fabiola was astonished and asked: “What do you mean?” The girl responded: “It makes me really hot when someone is watching me while I make out.” Fabiola was not a kinky or slutty woman, and she couldn’t understand what the appeal for being watched was.Her pussy was so wet that she fucked my cock for all her worth.Her pussy made slurping noises as it slammed to my balls.

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