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After you must have the feeling and the knowledge to produce future champions. The Haras de Brullemail is the only french stud to have 3 horses bred from our stallions taking part in the Olympic Games in Beijing 2008.It is also vital that the enviroment where these horses are born and raised is of the best quality,working with real horse men who have the skill and the patience,whether they be grooms or riders. Two of which made it into the final and one taking home a medal.: ILION KILLEN (I Love You) for Russia, JAGUAR MAIL (Hand In Glove) finalist, 33rd and 6th by team(Sweden) & JALISCA SOLIERS (Alligator Fontaine) 10th final, Bronze Team Medal (Switzerland).This charming Normandy hamlet is under two hours away from Paris by car. In these traditional rural surroundings the Haras de Brullemail has become in twenty years one of the leading stud farms for breeding sport horses in France.

This fertile land that is called « le pays du Merlerault »is famous for the quality of its rich grass and fresh springwater.The Haras de Brullemail, was created by Bernard Le Courtois back in 1986,around an old manor house dating back to the XVIII century(1722).Brullemail is in the heart of one of the finest breeding regions for horses in southern Normandy,in the countryside surrounding the famous town of le Merlerault.A major part in the success and the selection at Brullemail comes from the strict choice in its broodmares.Depending on the period around 15 to 30 broodmares give birth to 10 to 25 foals every year.

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