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Searching a gun's serial number online will tell you the make, model and, sometimes, the year of a gun's manufacture.

Entering the words "gun serial number" in the search bar before the actual number yields the best results.

Although you may wish to know such things about your gun, only law enforcement involved in a bona fide criminal investigation can submit a request for this information.

The only way that your gun will ever be traced through the ATF is if you're the subject of a criminal investigation, including a DUI where you had your firearm with you.

I would like to go through some history of Dan Lefever and his gun. By continuing to browse our site you agree to our use of data and cookies.I'm Bob Noble and I discovered the beauty of Lefevers about 20 years ago.However, if you get online and visit Gun Collections Online all will be revealed.Incidentally, if you buy a new gun, don’t be surprised if it was made last year, or even before that.

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