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You were the champion custard pie- thrower at university?OK, let's get you interviewed on a television show about custard pie-throwing!It gets a little bit weird—and a little bit depressing, too, depending on what stories, and which sides, you choose to believe.Tom Cruise's first marriage, to the actress Mimi Rogers, ended in 1990 after three years, resulting in no kids.Tom Cruise is one of the most bankable and recognizable movie stars in the world, a spring-loaded box of pure charisma whose movies are as sure a bet for a good time as anything in the business.But no matter how immaculate his professional image has been, the 54-year-old father of three's personal life has always carried a certain amount of chaos, mystery, and controversy.Becoming a TV presenter requires serious commitment and homework, if you're to be something more than the next Huffty. Former BBC Breakfast Time and TV-am guru, one of the most experienced producers in the business, and husband of Anne Diamond, Hollingsworth these days runs a company called Venture Artistes, which represents up-and-coming television talent.

"After 30 years in the business," Hollingsworth says, "I still can't say with 100 per cent confidence if a person will look good on camera. So the question is: do you want to do things to camera?

"You've got to have a massive ego," Hollingsworth declares.

And then you must pay the medium the respect of careful study.

Most mysterious is the actor's complicated relationships with his children, two adopted and one biological, from his second and third marriages, respectively.

Cruise himself may be infinitely intriguing, but there are plenty of odd things going on with his kids that no one ever really talks about.

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