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If you are i Gen and looking for a career, please pick a major in fields where there will be plenty of jobs and avoid fields where the jobs are limited.Unless of course you are so different and truly one of a kind like: Michael Jordan, Prince, The Beatles, Albert Einstein, Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Kim Kardashian (just kidding).Every college student has experienced this: You are scrolling through Facebook and happen upon an article telling you all the ways your generation is leading to the demise of American values.Millenials get blamed for a lot of America’s problems, even by our own generation.(*age if still alive today) Note: Dates are approximate and there is some overlap because there are no standard definitions for when a generation begins and ends. Note: Sources for our data are listed at bottom of page.

As a result, the dynamic and definition of family looks very different than it did when our parents were getting married.

Electrical Engineering and Software Engineering look really good. Civil Engineering offers very few jobs since we are not building a lot of bridges and buildings. The auto mechanic field is going to go through interesting changes with the growth of electric vehicles and self driving vehicles.

EV's have less moving parts and fewer fluids to replace, but they still need tire changes.

“The norm with college-age students toward sex and relationships are more liberal,” said Lisa van Raalte Ph.

D, an interpersonal scholar and graduate student at ASU.

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