Galaxy angel dating game

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I actually used to hate this perfume, I didn’t understand it.And then I wore world was shook to the core.I love it so much, I’ve collected several flankers of it and love each one as much as the last.It has many imitators but it’s unbeatable by anything else, ever.I thought, "What did I miss before when I smelled this? So much so that I bought the body cream to layer with the fume.Chocolate, vanilla, praline, sounds like it might be sickly sweet, but Mugler got the blend down on this one, so well formulated.I never fail to recognize her when I smell her on other people and I grow hot with envy that I don’t have the pleasure of enjoying her all day myself.Angel is the most lucious, honey-dipped sex bomb I’ve ever encountered.

Isn't it funny how our tastes change as we get older?After a 5 years break in our story, I have returned to it.Still a beauty, still a dare, still a scent that fills my heart with joy.Each time I've tried it, I don't wear Angel, Angel wears me. It's like the situation where you need to eat or drink but can't make your mind up about what to do and you just go on for hours without doing anything.It is somewhat juicy, it is tasty but not in a gourmand way. The whiffs you get from it is like some narcotic that puts you in a state of ecstasy and you don't know what is going on but you are still having the time of your life by just wondering and picturing happy things.

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