Funny speed dating videos

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We're big fans as well, so that's why we were so happy to have Tiffany speak to our RTM hosts about her comedy and her personal story of overcoming the odds.

View Now speak ill of the other but will also throw their rival off the scent of complete and utter hatred with a mask of over-friendliness. Just Boobs did their own version of this very true concept.

One of those artists was also one of our favorites.

Hevesh5 set up 7000 dominoes that paid tribute to Perry's album cover.

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The singer and her 7-year-old son Egypt perform a duet to the song "Lean on Me." It's adorable too when Egypt turns around from his seat at the piano for a high five from mom after absolutely nailing those chord progressions! View Now It's another round of celebrity "Carpool Karaoke," this time with Adam Levine from Maroon 5!The "The Voice" host has quite a lot of songs under his belt from throughout the years, and James Corden is a worthy duet partner.However, the two encounter a situation that has never happened in this segment's history — being pulled over by the cops!Bette Maloney aka "Nammie" was first surprised with tickets to his concert in her Easter basket. Fast forward to the concert when the whole family was shocked as the singer stopped the show and gave 88-year-old Nammie a special shoutout.View Now An 80-year-old woman was peacefully picking wildflowers somewhere in China when a septic tank's metal cover gave way under her and she fell 16-feet down into the tank.

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