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Lots of them are bluffing, some of them are afraid, but they're all highly polished, and the Capricorn doesn't seem to have a chance against them. A couple of years ago, I visited the bookstore of a New York astrologer.

As I carelessly scattered my gems of wisdom, gave him unsolicited advice about what books he should stock, and argued astrological theory with him, I learned he was a Capricorn and he learned I was an Aries.

The goat could conversely label his critics rash and foolish, but usually he's too wise to make unnecessary enemies by indulging in such self-defense. It will come to the point, and the sentiment will never be allowed to slosh over the edges.

Don't defy the conventions if you want the respect of the goat.

Capricoms can be stocky and muscular, thin and wiry or plump and soft.

But no matter how the body is shaped, the goat will give the impression of being rooted to the spot, until he decides to move to another spot. Noteher legendary tough business head and her earthy ambition.

They steadily follow the upward path, with inbred faith in the security of the well-traveled road, and contempt for the enticing short cuts they know are full of pitfalls.

Capricorns have an enormous admiration for those who have preceded them to the top of the mountain, and who have laid down the laws for the journey. Capricorn allows others to walk in front of him, but he often gets there first, against all logic. He keeps his gaze fastened ahead, and his feet firmly planted on the ground. He may glance briefly behind him with pity for the failures, or in grateful tribute for past advice and help, but he'll soon continue his steady upward climb until his goal is reached.

Everyone in the group will seem to have superior equipment for the race-any race.

They court success; they respect authority and honor tradition. He's careful to avoid the obstacles, the sharp rocks. Jealousy, passion, impulse, anger, frivolity, waste, laziness, carelessness-are all obstacles. There are Capricorns who are deliciously romantic- who understand the strange light of the moon and the glorious colors of the butterfly's wing.

Lots of energetic, impulsive people label them snobbish and stuffy. But they won't let their emotions blind them to the facts. If Capricorn writes a lovely poem, full of imagination and illusion, the theme will be solid and the punctuation will be correct.

Honestly now, don't they really look as if they should have been born with dark hair, eyes and skin? There's always a faint aura of melancholy and seriousness surrounding the Saturn personality.

None of them completely escape the Saturnine influence of stem discipline and self-denial.

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