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Phone Calls If you are looking to have a phone conversation with any ladies that you meet at Hi Slut, you are going to be waiting a long time.

That time costs quite a bit, so you better be ready to spend some cash if you are going to wait around for something to happen.

It’s a rundown of everything that you’ll want to avoid when it comes to the website.

Some of these things I point out on video are just awful, so please take a moment to watch it. Most of them were pretty standard automated messages, but some of them almost fooled me.

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I have been through this type of scam time and time again and it always ends up going nowhere.I like their little added pokes to get you to join.For example, like telling you that you have 5 minutes or registration will close for men. It’s just another tactic to get you to rush in without thinking.This site is pretty clever from a marketing perspective.If you’ve spent any time on various tube sites then you may have seen the Hi logo from time to time.

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