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These fees will be calculated at the time of check-out.

The fees are as follows: An account is required to conduct name searches, subscribe to cases, or access the system for free as a government entity.

One of the major benefits of establishing an account is the case subscription feature.

With this feature, a user can subscribe to a Civil or Probate case and receive automated notifications whenever a new document is filed on that case.

The Traffic section allows you to look up and pay your traffic citation online.If you want to see documents on a case you are part of and have an approved fee waiver, you must come to the court to view your documents for free.Members of governmental entities within California and the Federal government may use the system for free.While any attorney may subscribe to the case, only the first named attorney will be able to view newly filed documents free of charge for 72 hours.Copyright and other proprietary rights may apply to filed documents, absent an express grant of additional rights by the holder of the copyright or other proprietary right.

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