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Nogossip LA is looking for editorial interns to join our music channel for the summer semester.Working in our editorial department will give interns the opportunity to gain invaluable editorial skills…Suburban malls were still few and far between, and "downtown" was the main shopping district.Most large stores had lunch counters where a cup of coffee cost a dime, and you could get a cheeseburger, fries, and Coke for 60 cents.An exciting and hands-on opportunity to engage with and learn more about a new blog and platform.Travepreneur uses personal stories and experiences to help new travelers become educated, empowered, a… An all inclusive adult only summer camp for, people who want to be .... We offer our customers the chance to relive their summer camp dreams, all within the i…We are working on launching a podcast called Fearless.

The young women seek information from the Oklahoma City NAACP, which had previously used nonviolent direct-action to desegregate local restaurants.

We rent short term fully furnished office suites to small businesses & start up companies.

We are currently located in 3 buildings, with over 300 …

They decide to target the Woolworth's lunch counter in downtown Greensboro because it is part of a national chain that Blacks all over the country patronize.

The president of Bennett advises them to hold off until after the long Christmas break, so that their campaign does not begin, and then lose momentum when the students return home for the holidays.

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