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Imagine a world with advertisers gaining discrete access into your government records…Little wonder republicans are furiously making up lost ground by ramrodding FCC data-mining rules and targeted tax increases. This huge internal conflict is actually a war between Republican Corporate vs Democrat Silicon Valley.They openly call for assasination or violence, their preferred term is "second amendment solution." (Why does my i Pad provide solution as a choice in that last phrase above, one I've never before written? • December 30, 2017 AM The GOP candidate became president because there are that many "gullible" (kind of me) and furthermore ANGRY people willing to buy into the soup sandwich of bullsh*t that Trump proposed because he promised violence against their political enemies. Trump's promises are as worthless as the university credentials that bore his name. • December 30, 2017 AM The UK government have released a number of previously classified docuents.

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Expect enactment of a Social Credit System as an important means to regulate the economy and as a tool of governance to steer the behavior of citizens. I've known several people, myself included, who found out that their military cook was selling the food out the back door and pocketing the cash.

The Predator State James Galbraith, Catalyst “The Anti-Corruption Principle” (PDF) Zephyr Teachout, Cornell Law Review (via). Then trillions of squid will all decide you aren't eating any of them.

“While political virtue is pursuing the public good in public life, political corruption is using public life for private gain. • December 30, 2017 AM The oceans are dying, continents of plastic trash. So right now, they want to drill in the arctic preserve that even big oil says is just way too risky.

They've taken promises made to children born in America and stomped on them. No, I refuse to believe these people are not willfully evil, in the final analysis. This will also enable IC to responsible parents to ensure their children can't simply give their smartwatches to their friends at school to trick their parents into thinking that they are safe at school when in reality they're getting drugs and having sex while listening to rock 'n roll.

They've taken promises made to poor desperate people around the world and stomped on them. Think of the children and ask your lawmakers to mandate these safety-chips and to prevent anyone from being able to buy or sell without them (who besides terrorists wouldn't want to show their patriotism by getting these chips anyway? Since most people take better care of the right hand and forehead than the left hand, everyone should be required to get one in the right hand or forehead.

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