Exercise 2 relative and absolute dating of geologic events answers

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An abstaining move just says, in effect, we don’t really care about the outcome and will not reject it; abstention is essentially a “yes” vote in nearly every case.By omitting even a single stroke of a pen (a “No” vote), Barack Hussein Obama knifed Israel in the back as surely as some of the lone wolves of Hamas, running amok in Jerusalem, have done to individual Israelis in recent years.But Israel says it has many of these sites already verified and targeted with artillery of its own, and that the threat does not intimidate the Jewish State.

It may also enable Israel’s enemies to mount court cases against Israeli citizens and organizations for “war crimes” based on this the vicinity of Jerusalem, including Ma’ale Adumim, an eastern Jerusalem enclave which was established over 20 years ago. Al-Sadr added the opinion that such a move would be considered a “declaration of war on Islam,” and reportedly made many other threats against the US and Israel specifically, and against the West in general. These named systems are now designated asthey are now fully ready to protect Israel from any missile threats from Iran, Hezbollah in Lebanon, or Hamas in Gaza – or any other rogue power near enough to harm the Jewish State.“One of the first consequences of his 2011 ‘Arab Spring’ initiative was the overthrow of Hosni Mubarak as Egyptian president, and his direct promotion of the Muslim Brotherhood’s takeover of power in Cairo.“Four years later, Obama turned his back on Israel to award Iran favored status.When Prime Minister Netanyahu meets with President Trump next week, almost any outcome of their meeting will be at hazard for disagreement and a dim view by the “Palestinians” and their numerous friends around the world – and might trigger any of a great many reactions from them beyond just words …additional encroachments upon the Jewish State from any quarter …

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