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Since my computer was upgraded to win 10 with office 2016, Application.screenupdating=false command in VB (excel) doesn't work properly.The screen flickers and the excel macro runs slowly.It happens when there is transition among excel files.The same macro worked properly in win 7 with office 2010.Slicer Caches("Slicer_Monat1") Set sc9 = This Workbook. Slicer Caches("Slicer_Solution") Call TU_Start sc2. Selected Next si7 On Error Go To 0 clean_up: Application. Screen Updating = True 'Exit Sub err_handle: Msg Box Err.

Slicer Caches("Slicer_Jahr") Set sc2 = This Workbook.

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Screen Updating = False Call TU_End End Sub Sub Filter_Columns(s Header Range As String, s Report Sheet As String, s Pivot Sheet As String, s Pivot Name As String, s Pivot Field As String) Dim c As Range Dim r Col As Range Dim pi As Pivot Item Worksheets(s Report Sheet).

Selected Next si7 On Error Go To 0 Call Filter_Columns("sol H", "Dashboard", "Pivot", "Sol PT", "Solution") Application. Hidden = False For Each c In Worksheets(s Report Sheet).

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