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But one thing he does have in spades is resourcefulness.

“I’ve got an idea,” Nick says a handful of times in the film.

“Before We Go” is like going on a date with someone who only talks about their ex; indeed, much of Brooke and Nick’s time together is spent focused on people who have hurt them, so when we’re supposed to believe during the third act that they are being drawn to each other, it’s a bit mysterious why they find each other interesting, beyond having a mutual shoulder to cry on.

Their passions, motivations, dreams and thoughts never surface to help suggest why there is something more to their brief nighttime odyssey.

The final indignity committed by “Before We Go” is setting a movie in Manhattan that looks like it could’ve taken place anywhere.

For a city that is alive late at night like no other, and offers endless possibilities for unique places for these characters to go, the screenwriters and Evans (perhaps due to budgetary reasons) keep most of the action on anonymous streets, and even less familiar bars (though hey, Cup And Saucer).

The script for the 89-minute film is somehow credited to four different writers (Ron Bass, Jen Smolka, Chris Shafer and Paul Vicknair) which might explain why the film feels so clumsy and leaden as it contrives to keep the more sensible solutions to get Brooke to Boston out of reach.

Otherwise, you end up with an effort like this: a movie so firmly convinced it has all the moving parts, it never investigates whether they work well together.Celine and Jesse’s journey through Vienna was partially about escaping their respective breakups, but their discussions centered on all the things people connect over—love, life, religion, philosophy—and made them complex, compelling people you wanted to spend time with and know more about.By contrast, Brooke and Nick are not even half as interesting.Brooke in particular comes to a conclusion about what she needs to do about her marriage that is not the empowering or romantic notion the screenwriters might think it is, but that may also be because the details of what’s happening between her and her husband are also both cliché and underdeveloped.Meanwhile, when the script isn’t working, Evans turns towards the soundtrack and leans on indie rock when he can (and when the low-budget picture can afford it) to attempt to do some of the emotional lifting.

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