Essay on how dating has chages

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have made it possible or individuals to communicate with people who prior to these technological advances they would have never had an opportunity to meet.

The widespread use of social media has a defined the term friend from meaning a close, personal "in the flesh" relationship to a relationship where two people may have never actually met physically, but nonetheless are able to communicate quite intimately via the Internet, social media, smart phones, etc. Services such as Skype and Twitter allow people to engage in more than text conversations and the use of smart phones allows individuals to communicate with one another at virtually any time of the day anywhere.

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The downside to having access to this expanded pool of potential dating/romantic partners is that it can potentially result in a type of partner shopping where an individual communicates and perhaps even dates one or more other people but is not committed to maintaining any type of long-term relationship with that person.Technology With Regards to Dating Academic Institution Dating is an activity typically used by people to choose potential romantic partners and to initiate the process of finding a mate (Strong & Cohen, 2013).The process of dating has undergone many changes through the course of history; however, technological innovations have dramatically altered the process.most people were limited by demographics in finding potential dating partners (Couch & Liamputtong, 2008).Up until very recently most married couples had initially lived within a relatively close distance of each other and dated prior to their marriage; however, technology has allowed people who would otherwise never be in contact with one another to become acquainted with one another and take steps towards a relationship.

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