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Secondly, the Lindsay Lohan remark is meant to be a little joke, I have much more faith in the mental constitution of Moretz, although some of the stuff the filmmaker is putting her through is arguably nothing I consider suitable for a 15-year old.

The attempted rape scene is one of the most disgusting and upsetting I've seen in a while. Rape is nothing I'd make fun of, yet Kick-Ass 2 plays it for laughs (which is an inexcusable thing, I don't want to know how a real rape victim would feel watching this sequence as the real horror is totally downplayed in favor of a teenager who can't get his dick up). The "superheroes" who are doing community service, regular guys wearing masks and capes and getting the shit beaten out of them if they're not careful - that's a moral lesson.

The use of explosions, smoke, sound and blood is well orchestrated and the black and white gives the film a natural bleakness.

The war scenes in Westfront were even better than the ones in the US Best Picture winner.

Was kann man schreiben ber einen Film wie Backdraft? William Baldwin (Ich musste gerade nachsehen welcher der Baldwin-Brder es tatschlich war - auch das sagt einiges ber die Qualitt des Films) spielt Brian Mc Caffrey, den kleinen Bruder von Stephen (Kurt Russell).

Beide sind sie Shne eines legendren Feuerwehrmanns, der vor den Augen des kleinen Brian ums Leben gekommen ist.

The death of Chris D' Amico was another scene that really upset me.

He doesn't wanna get saved by Dave so he decides to practically commit suicide by punching the one hand that holds him atop of the roof.

Ein Feuerteufel treibt in Chicago sein Unwesen, und da kommt der Brandinspektor Donald Rimgale ins Spiel (Robert De Niro in einer seiner uninspiriertesten Rollen die ich je gesehen habe), der sich Brian schnappt und zu seinem Assistenten macht.

Ein Film der selbst nicht so recht wei was er sein will - aber hey, Donald Sutherland spielt einen inhaftierten Feuerteufel!

First of all, I compared Pain & Gain favorably to Kick-Ass 2.

I missed character arcs and appreciation for human life.

The message of the film is questionable - it intends to be a statement against senseless violence and modern desensitization but turns into an abomination that supports the exact values it originally stood against.

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