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This compulsory recall affects 1.3 million vehicles that are actively being recalled now.That leaves another 2.7 million cars that may need to be recalled later, with the problem likely to take years to fix.'I've never heard of a recall on this scale before,' Mr Spalding said.'It's a long-time industry headache.' However, he urged drivers to avoid disconnecting the airbags themselves.'That will take safety levels back to 20 years ago before airbags were in vehicles and the head injuries were so horrific that people never survived a crash.' American Alexander Brangman lost his daughter, Jewel, in 2014, when shrapnel from a faulty airbag in the rental car she was driving exploded and punctured her carotid artery during an accident in California.He is urging Australians to avoid being complacent.'You would be surprised how many people still currently, with this being the largest recall in [automotive] history …But some 500,000 cars thought to have the faulty safety device remain unaccounted for as Holden and Tesla refused to reveal how many of its vehicles are affected models, News Corp reported.In total, it is estimated four million cars across Australia have been or are affected with 2.7 million recalled already recalled voluntarily by car-makers.With two-in-seven cars on the road affected, the RACQ's head of technical and safety policy Steve Spalding said cars manufactured before 2012 were the biggest safety risk.'The risk factors seems to increase anytime from six or so years onwards,' he told Daily Mail Australia on Thursday.'It's absolutely important motorists take this issue seriously and don't just ignore the advice.

One million vehicles yet to have their airbags replaced following a voluntary recall last year and the 1.3 million added to the government list this week.It is estimated there are still 2.3 million cars on Australia's roads with the defective German-made Takata airbags which have previously been recalled by manufacturers and now under a compulsory government recall.The government said 860,000 vehicles possibly with the defective airbags were not previously under the earlier voluntary recall.There has been one death and one case of serious injury in Australia as a result of the faulty airbag deployment.Worldwide, there have been at least 23 deaths and more than 230 serious injuries reported associated with the airbags.

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