Demi dating nick dating stephy cover

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Demi also toured with Nick in their Future Now show in 2016, but has always maintained they are just good friends, in spite of her lyrics suggesting otherwise.

Then she reached out to hold Ellen's hand, saying: 'I want to Ruin The Friendship with you.' explaining to the confused host, 'it's a good thing it means I'm secretly in love with you.'Ellen one upped Jimmy, who gave the star a gift of her favorite pickles, by bringing on a huge jar of the cucumbers - much to Demi's delight.

Demi Moore and Nick Jonas dating rumors are now gaining momentum online as a new report claims that the “cougar” actress’ daughter, Rumer Willis, approve of their unconfirmed May-December love affair.

According to Based on the outlet’s insider information, Demi Moore and Nick Jonas usually do their thing in a Los Angeles loft that belongs to one of her friends.

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Fans went into overdrive when the track was first released on her album, with one line stating: 'Let’s ruin the friendship… ' Demi was appearing on the Ellen show to discuss her struggles with bipolar disorder and promote her upcoming You Tube documentary about her life.

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