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(“Troll Of The Year Platinum Grade”: I tried really hard this time) – : Japanese term for Big Breasts.

Which makes great hentai : P – Paizuri: would the term “titfuck” be more familiar?

You will even find sometimes a scenario in an incest-based hentai manga: really, nothing is impossible.

I wrote a hentai glossary, that should help, I hope Maybe you are new to erotic japanese comics, so if that’s the case, you’ll be flooded with weird uncomprehensible words.– : On, that means a hentai manga that is drawn to imitate something already known, like a TV serie, or another manga (Dragon Ball, anything), or an anime. – : most hentai works are drawn by hand, or mainly rely on hand work, even if photoshop helps, even if it’s on a drawing tablet, even if they’re digitalized in the end.To be super-strict, originally a doujinshi is a non-professional, non-commercially printed booklet. To make things more simple, on Hentairules, if it’s not a parody of something already known I call it a manga, and if it’s a parody I call it a doujinshi. But the japanese are fond of hentai games, with totally computer-made pictures.Until (approximately) 2013 the level of censorship dropped lower and lower, when a crackdown by the police on a hentai publisher (RIP Megastore) led to a sudden “explosion” of much stronger censorship, again.We must take into account the fact that porn is still technically illegal in Japan.

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