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"Jason's family is probably the most like my own family, it's a large group, which is what I'm used to," De Anna explained later. They went completely out of their way to make me feel welcome.

They actually cooked all the Greek foods, I felt at home.

During the visit De Anna used some private time to express her concerns that Graham might not be ready for a serious relationship and marriage to Graham's mother, and her answer didn't seem to be particularly encouraging.

"He's not really had a lot of serious girlfriends, finding someone that lasts past four weeks or something is difficult for Graham," Karen told De Anna.

"It was extremely hard to let Graham go because I'm falling in love with him, my heart is breaking right now," a still-crying De Anna told the cameras. I'm tired of dating people that don't know what they want.

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After shooting some hoops in the local high school gymnasium where Graham starred as a high school basketball player, De Anna and Graham visited Graham's parents, Ike and Karen, at their home."I made it perfectly clear what it was like for me the first time here with Brad," De Anna told Graham. I needed you to be open and honest and let your guard down and be there for me and right now I feel like I was being led on." However Graham disagreed with De Anna's comments and accused her attempting to "make it easier on yourself by thinking that," causing De Anna -- who appeared additionally frustrated about Graham's non-emotional reaction to his elimination -- to angrily vent further. "Obviously you don't see in me what you need to continue on, so your decision is easy now," Graham told De Anna derisively."Obviously I felt like I had opened up -- [that] I had given my heart to someone who felt the same. But ironically, Graham's first visible sign of anger about his elimination only seemed to upset De Anna further "You don't get why it's not -- because I care deeply for you," said De Anna.Although the brothers liked De Anna, Jason made it clear to De Anna that he didn't want to see Jason's heart broken. "We're not on your side, we're on Jeremy's side." "They grilled me, for the first time I got sweaty palms and was really, really nervous," De Anna later told the cameras about her conversation with Jason and Patrick."I believe that Jeremy's brothers just don't want to see him hurt.

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