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I feel awesome every morning when I look in the mirror. Most stores offer free shipping and returns, which beats trying things on at the mall or carrying things back and forth.

You may think this will be a buzzkill, but those who are genuinely interested in you will know good things are worth the wait. Do something courageous As I said before, confidence is extremely attractive, so don’t be afraid to approach someone and introduce yourself. You could say, “Hi, I wanted to roll over here and introduce myself.

My story isn’t dramatically different from the one you’ve heard countless times before – shy, socially anxious teenager falls in love and gets heart broken, spends a few years in dating purgatory, discovers it’s possible to get better at “this stuff,” and eventually discovers I’ve discovered that the quality of women in a man’s life is a reflection of the quality of man that he is.

A lot of men think that getting “game” will get them the woman of their dreams. Over the years, these discoveries have worked their way into The Social Man and Aura Dating Academy programs I teach and the companies that I run and am a part of.

I’m Amin.” Get out there and do something you care about. Or just share your story and what you have learned.

Ironically, my dating life improved even more after I started speaking as The Dating Coach on Wheels.

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