Dating tips when to say i love you

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Knowing different ways to say I love you can change your relationship.

Me, I prefer when my husband actually says the words “I love you.” But according to Gary Chapman (author of the 5 Love Languages), there are nonverbal ways to show your love.

Saying “I love you” should be said with warmth, sincerity and the best possible frame of mind.

Don’t cheapen the experience by saying it at the wrong moment. ) as long as you won’t have to take back the words later!

It also means not blurting it out when your brain is foggy from too much wine or too little sleep.

And, it especially shouldn’t be said when you are distracted and can’t look your partner in the eye.

And there is a hormonal high that tends to blind us to someone’s duller qualities.Sure, it’s more qualified but also a more honest expression of your feelings.When you are thinking clearly Saying “I love you” is serious business.Is there a right time to tell someone “I love you” for the very first time? When you know Saying “I love you” for the first time is a big step in the arc of a relationship.It is a line in the sand that signals the end of a casual romance and the start of an enduring one.

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