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So when the burghs began to develop building regulations in the 17th century, they fell within the remit of the Dean of Guild Court.Surviving Court records are usually in local archives, but some are in the National Archives of Scotland. The period of creditable military service must include the period of captivity from date of capture through date of release. and the Secretary of Defense Memorandum (references (e), (f) and (q)). The medal can be received posthumously by the next of kin of the recipient. and foreign civilians who have received credit for U. military service, as determined by the Do D Civilian and/or Military Service Review Board and Advisory Board under Do D Directive 1000.20 (reference (p)). The recipient's conduct, while in captivity, must have been honorable.It laid down that all houses were to be built in brick or stone.The number of storeys and width of walls were carefully specified.This outline aims to explain the types of building control record and where to find them. The densely-packed housing of the capital created problems which could only be tackled communally. Thin party walls and badly-sited privies and gutters were other nuisances.These issues were tackled in a set of building regulations usually dated to 1189, and certainly earlier than 1216.

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This first Act applied to the walled City of London.It was this pattern that fueled the Great Fire of London in 1666, which wiped out 80% of the city.That disaster led to the London Building Act of 1667, the first to provide for surveyors to enforce its regulations.After Edinburgh suffered a series of fires, an Act of the City Council in 1674 gave the Court authority to enforce new building regulations, ratified in 1698 by an Act of the Scottish Parliament.Among other things it restricted buildings to five storeys.

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