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The male victims, who range in age from 19 to 27 years old, were all attacked when they arrived at the Bronx apartment complex.In most cases they were threatened with some kind of weapon, including a knife and baseball bat.They were robbed of their phones, wallets and one victim's electric scooter.The man police are searching for is described as black, between 25 and 30 years of age, six feet tall with a heavy beard and short, curly black hair.Here’s an example for the wrong dating profile picture: Here’s the deal: You don’t have to look like Scarlet Johansson.

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Instead of writing “I like to try new things”, write about the one time you ate crickets in China.Put your profile into Word and use your computer spell check for peace of mind.(If that doesn’t work, try meditation)Now: You won’t believe how many AMAZING men are online right now… But they can’t find you: Because you are making right now.It’s by Michael Fiore (who’s been on the Rachael Ray show and has helped tens-of-thousands of women find love)…And it’s called “What your online profile is secretly saying to men”.Lindsay Lohan: I'm looking for a compatible mate who Lindsay Lohan: likes a night out on the town, Lindsay Lohan: as long as he or she is driving, of course, Lindsay Lohan: likes ankle monitoring Lindsay Lohan: bracelets, and doesn't have family Lindsay Lohan: members quick to issue restraining orders.Lindsay Lohan: The perfect mate loves long Lindsay Lohan: walks on the beach, car chases on the Lindsay Lohan: PCH, antiquing, and uh passing out in Lindsay Lohan: Cadillac Escalades.

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