Dating letters bce

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Each letter tells its own stories and it is easy to find oneself interested in new subjects.Perhaps the book's greatest virtue (and that of correspondence itself) is its ability to inject individual humanity into historical events and time periods.

Each one lends a unique insight into the major events of the time, whether they're wars, cultural shifts, key moments, or important discoveries.It's a splendid collection of all kinds of correspondence through the ages: Elvis Presley fans writing to the president, children making suggestions to famous cartoonists, a scientist's poignant love letter to his late wife." - A Way With Words"Reading through them is addictive, like dipping into a bag of variously tempting assorted candies, knowing that the next one will always bring surprise and pleasure."-The New Yorker"It's the kind of book you'll go back to again and again, and find something new every time.Letters of Note is quite literally the most enjoyable volume it is possible to imagine." -The Spectator (UK)"'Letters of Note' has been my favorite summer book, full of the kinds of letters I hope to find in my own mailbox, but rarely, these days, ever do." -The Advocate"..anthology of Shaun Usher's wonderful blog of the same name.It's well worth picking up." Quartzholiday Gift Guide Pick "Usher has been showcasing epistles on his website for years; now 125 of his favorites, written by the likes of Katherine Hepburn, Fidel Castro and Richard Feynman, are gathered in this incomparable compendium of human relationships and emotion."-Time Out NYHoliday Gift Guide Pick"Shaun Usher's glorious selection of letters from writers, royalty, rock stars and ordinary citizens, makes you yearn to find a witty handwritten or typed missive in your mailbox.

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