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This Animal sex story was exclusively written for Saturday, Zeus and I were a bit early so we had to wait for about twenty minutes. At first the conversation was about dogs and their training but then she started finding out more about Zeus and I.

After that we spoke regularly, then we met for coffee a few times and eventually we became quite close friends who visited each other’s homes on at least three occasions.

She was now kneeling between my legs so I helped her out of her shirt and bra and then massaged her breasts with both my hands while I gave her another passionate kiss.

She then removed my thong and stood up to remove her jeans and thong while I removed my shirt and bra.

On day, Emma called and invited me to accompany her to a ranch on the outskirts of the city that she often stayed at while her friends were away.

She said that we don’t have to do any work or anything as there is a ranch hand and other people for that, we can go to just stay out in the country and fresh air for a relaxing break from the vibe of the city.

On the screen there was a list of options to select from; couples sex, hard core, masturbation, gay, lesbian, fetish, etc. Sometimes I fanaticise about it when I masturbate”Emma selected Lesbian Sex from the list and then sat down beside me with her leg touching mine.

The list was very long and Emma asked if I ever had sex with another woman, I said“No, but I always….”I paused for a moment and thought that she might be leading me to just that, sex with her. I watched the lesbian scene unfold on the screen then turned to Emma to see her expression.

”I looked down and saw my very obvious nipple stand and blushed.“I must admit, I am a little turned on and I haven’t had sex for a long time now.”“Do you masturbate when you get horny?I found out very quickly that Zeus was very affectionate and playful but had absolutely no training.So we enrolled in a K9 training school on Saturdays which was also great for bonding. Here you will find a large collection of free older women galleries sorted by popularity for your viewing pleasure. Animal Sex Stories-My Introduction To K9 Sex, My 1st lesbian & K9 encounter My name is Jennifer, friends call me Jen, and this is my account of how I got introduced to dog sex.

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