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Aengus believed that he could then travel along the light-beam to the sun and join his god and become divine himself.This belief was common in many parts of the world especially in Egypt, where the Celts, who are all Israelites, had been in slavery for 400 years, until Moses delivered them from slavery in the Exodus, after which some of them came to Ireland as Celts.

Aengus was also known as "in Mac Oc" (the Young Son).

Other Standing Stones around Newgrange were used to align Newgrange with Dowth which is the next oldest; Newgrange being the youngest of the three.

Ireland has large copper deposits, and, using tin from Cornwall, the Irish people manufactured bronze.

The large Standing Stones around Newgrange; as well as being used for sighting and surveying benchmanks to line it up with the Winter Solstice sunrise; were also used to align it with the other great cairns of Knowth and Dowth.

Standing Stone GC-2, which stands on top of Bronze-age burial pits, was used along with Mound 6 to line-up Newgrange with Knowth, which is the oldest of the three cairns.

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