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Primarily for political prisoners, the Buchenwald camp was especially notorious for medical experimentation on living human beings.

It will also hold most of the new commercial infrastructure, vital to sustainable growth of both Bristol City and Bristol Rugby FC.

During this period, the late 18th and early 19th centuries, Weimar was the intellectual centre of Germany.

Reminders of the period include a bronze monument to Goethe and Schiller (1875) in front of the German National Theatre; a Goethe-Schiller Mausoleum; a Goethe-Schiller Archives (opened 1896); the Goethe National Museum (occupying a house where the poet lived) and his summer garden house; homes of Schiller and Duchess Anna Amalia Library holds some 1 million volumes, including a large collection devoted to Goethe and a Bible that belonged to Martin Luther; a fire in 2004 destroyed tens of thousands of volumes, including first editions of the works of Schiller and William Shakespeare.

The project is expected to cost £45 million and should last until 2016.

Weimar lies along the Ilm River, just east of Erfurt.

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