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Here, Australian expat Paul Ewart shares his experience of being a gay man in Dubai. It’s 2am and the club is packed with a sea of sweaty, gay men getting their groove on to a Madonna classic — and I’m one of them.

After an all-day drinking session, followed by a spot of impromptu karaoke, during which I made friends with a lovely lesbian couple (we bonded over our love of ‘80s power ballads) I’ve ended up at this underground hotspot.

I'm down to earth , easy going,caring , loving, kind ,fun lover and just a sweet boyl 😊. I'm looking for relations, who is out- speaking and know what she wants, with a grate sense of humor.

ON the surface, being gay in Dubai sounds like a dangerous prospect.

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After all, given that the bulk of Dubai’s population is comprised of expats (figures suggest roughly 90-plus per cent) many of whom are young and single, it stands to reason that a decent amount of coupling will take place.

My friends back home in London joked about my forthcoming years of celibacy and, though I laughed along with them at the time, as the plane touched down on the tarmac of Dubai’s airport my bravado faltered.

From the get go, I’m under no illusions about Dubai’s official attitude to homosexuality.

Despite being conservative by Western standards, this is where alcohol and sex-starved Arabs flock to in droves to get their fix — and that includes the gays.

I arrived in the city during the height of summer to take a section editor job at a large glossy magazine.

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