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When Andy notices how taken with him Aunt Bee is he relaxes and agrees to let him stay on and help around the house.Roger Courtney invites Andy to come up to the state capital and meet the membership committee of The Esquire club and be considered for membership.Andy makes an earnest attempt at matchmaking to help Barney win the heart of his girlfriend Thelma Lou. until Barney misinterprets Andy's efforts and thinks he's trying to steal her away!

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Two men posing as an FBI agent and press photographer come to Mayberry to congratulate the town.Andy and Barney do a little investigating and discover the contraption is actually a still and the kindly sisters are in the moonshining business!Mayberry newcomers Fred and Jennie Boone are constantly causing domestic disturbances with their fighting, so Andy decides to play marriage counselor to the bickering couple - with disastrous results!It's a battle of the sexes when Ellie Walker decides to become the very first woman to run for a seat on the Mayberry City Council - and the town's horrified menfolk decide to sabotage her new found political career. A Hollywood producer chooses idyllic Mayberry as the backdrop for his next movie, and the entire town goes into a frenzy as they gear up for the anticipated glamor, fame and fortune.Mayberry's local "Scrooge," storeowner Ben Weaver, manages to have harmless bootlegger Sam Muggins thrown into jail on Christmas - but the Mayberry folks manage to celebrate Christmas with Sam in a most unusual way. Andy performs some slick dealings with an antiques dealer to get rid of the town's old, worthless cannon.

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