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Gentry * Is Hell for Real or Does Everyone Go to Heaven? Olson *A MORE RADICAL GOSPEL, Essays on Eschatology, Authority, Atonement, and Ecumenism, Gerhard O. Braaten *Living by Faith, Justification and Sanctification, by Oswald Bayer Lutheran Theology, Steven D.

Paulson Martin Luther's Theology, A Contemporary Interpretation, Thomas H.

Phillips, editor Risen, 50 Reasons Why the Resurrection Changed Everything, Steven D. Todd Billings *A Theology of the Holy Spirit, The Pentecostal Experience and the New Testament Witness, FREDERICK DALE BRUNER Baptism in the Holy Spirit, James D. Dunn *BAPTIZED IN THE Spirit, Frank Macchia *Charismatic Chaos, John Mac Arthur Finally Alive, What Happens When We Are Born Again, John Piper Flame of Love, a Theology of the Holy Spirit, Clark Pinnock Gift and Giver, The Holy Spirit for Today, Craig S, Keener *He Who Gives Life, The Doctrine of the Holy Spirit, Graham Arthur Cole *I Believe in the Holy Spirit, Michael Green *Justified in the Spirit, Creation, Redemption, and the Triune God, Frank D.

Palmer *The Spirit of Life, Jurgen Moltman The Spirit Poured Out on All Flesh, Amos Yong The Spiritual Death of Jesus, A Pentecostal Investigation, William P. Davis *Why We Baptize Infants, Albertus Pieters * Blessed are the Hungry, Meditations on the Lord's Supper, Peter J. Peterson, Revealing the Mysteries of Heaven, David Jeremiah *The Bible and the Future, Anthony Hoekema The Bible on the Life Hereafter, William Hendriksen The Day of Christ's Return, Andrew Kuyvenhoven *The Dictionary of Biblical Prophecy and End Times, J. Mc Laren *The Second Coming, signs of Christ's return and the end of the age, John F. THE TRUMP PROPHECIES: The Astonishing True Story of the Man Who Saw Tomorrow..What He Says Is Coming Next Mark Taylor and Mary Colbert *What Happens After You Die, A Biblical Guide to Paradise Hell and Life After Death, Randy Frazee What, Where, When Is the Millenium, Bradley Jones *Engaging God's World, Cornelius Plantinga THROUGH NEW EYES, Developing a Biblical View of the World, James B. Jenson, editors *Christian Dogmatics, Volume 2, Carl E.

Atkinson Thinking in the Spirit, Douglas Jacobsen *Thinking in Tongues, Pentecostal Contributions to Christian hilosophy (Pentecostal Manifestos James K. Smith To the Ends of the Earth, Pentecostalism and the Transformation of World Christianity, Allan Heaton Anderson *BIBLICAL HERMENEUTICS, A Comprehensive Introduction to Interpreting, Scripture, SECOND EDITION, BRUCE CORLEY STEVE W. LOVEJOY God's Word in Human Words, An Evangelical Appropriation of Critical Biblical Scholarship, Kenton Sparks History of the Bible in English, From the earliest versions, F. Leithart *Children at the Lord's Table, Cornelis Venema Communion Meditations, George Gritter *Cup of Wonder, Lloyd John Oglivie (Lords Supper) Making a Meal of It, Rethinking the theology of the lords Supper, Ben Witherington III *The Lord's Supper, Remembering and Proclaiming Christ until He Comes, Thomas R. Crawford *The Mystery of the Lords Supper, Sermons on the Sacrament preached in the Kirk of Edinburgh, Robert Bruce *Bringing Heaven Down to Earth, Nathan Bierma Heaven, Randy Alcorn He Shall Have Dominion, A Postmillennial Eschatology, Kenneth L. Jordan *Calvinism, Stone Foundation Lectures, Abraham Kuyper *Calvin's Ladder, A Spiritual Theology of Ascent and Ascension, Julie Canlis *easy chairs, HARD WORDS, Conversations on the Liberty of God, Douglas Wilson *Institutes of the Christian Religion John Calvin John Calvin: A Heart for Devotion, Doctrine and Doxology, Burk Parsons Arminian Theology, Myths and Realities, Roger E. Braaten, editor *Christ Present In Faith, Luther's View Of Justification, Tuomo Mannermaa; Kirsi Irmeli Stjerna Justification, The Article by which the Church Stands or Falls, Carl E.

Scott Oliphint Life in the Trinity, an introduction to theology with the help of the church fathers, Donald Fairbairn *On Who Is God, Mark Driscoll *ORIGINS, CREATION, DESIGN, & EVOLUTION, DEBORAH B. Russell Humphreys *The battle for the beginning , The Bible on Creation and the Fall of Adam , John F. Pyne *Re Sourcing Theological Anthropology, A Constructive Account of Humanity in the Light of Christ, Marc Cortez *Sin: Not the Way Its Supposed to be, Cornelius Plantinga *The Christian Self Image: Issues and Implications, Wayne Josse *The Christian Looks at Himself, Anthony Hoekema *The Task of Dogmatics, Explorations in Theological Method, Oliver D.

Mac Arthur *The Beauty of the Infinite, The Aesthetics of Christian Truth, David Bentley Hart The Design Revolution, Answering the Toughest Questions about Intellegent Design, William A. Collins *The Meaning of Creation, Genesis and Modern Science, Conrad Hyers *The Reformed Doctrine of Predestination, Loraine Boettner *The Sovereignty of God, A. Crisp *Counted Righteous in Christ, Should We Abandon the Imputation of Christs Righteousness?

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