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Because you are admitting your own responsibility for your unhappiness and that can trigger self-judgment.

Because you might uncover grief or anger at those around you for not seeing and taking better care of you.

Our depression may not be completely disabling, but it’s real.

“I once read that succumbing to depression doesn’t mean you are weak, but that you have been trying to be strong for too long, which is maybe a form of denial.

We have many of the symptoms of clinical depression, but we are still functioning.So much of life happens somewhere in between being okay and complete breakdown—that’s where many of us live, and doing so requires strength.” ~ novelist Matthew Quick Walking depression can be hard to recognize because it doesn’t fit the more common picture of severe depression.But it can be just as dangerous to our well-being when left unacknowledged.This helps you exert some control and stirs up feelings of suffering that are perversely pleasurable.Also, taking on new projects that prevent you from writing or making art lets you prove to yourself that you’re still strong and capable.

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